Wedding Flowers Term and Conditions

Quote Acceptance / Terms & Conditions


We offer an initial consultation, with a selection of questions to get a better understanding of your desires. During your consultation we welcome any pictures, colours, mood boards, and fabric samples – anything you have and would like to bring to help us gain a clear understanding of the style of your wedding.
You are entitled to a 1 hour free consultation with Ollander with one of our qualified staff. This is an in depth consultation where all the items required for your wedding are discussed including colour themes, style, delivery, booking and payment, they will provide you with professional advice and opinions during this time. You are more than welcome to call or email at anytime with any changes or queries you may have.  You are also entitled to two free revised quotes – (not including colour changes), any additional revisions will incur a $20 administration fee to re-work the existing estimate. If these charges are applicable, they will be added to the final estimate costing.

The Quote Process:

Your quote for wedding flowers from Ollander is valid for 20 days. This timeframe is determined by the date stamp on the original email you receive with your quote attached.
On the date that you receive your wedding flower quote, your wedding date is available for booking. We request that you email or phone us to ensure your date is still available before payment of your deposit. We accept no responsibility if you have a valid quote and wish to book, but your date has become booked out. Bookings will not be held without a deposit.
A 25% non-refundable deposit  is required to secure your date. Upon accepting the quote, you agree to ALL the items listed on the quotation. This is applicable to all wedding quotes (packages, altered packages and other quotes). The deposit is credited toward the balance of your wedding flowers. The remaining balance is required in full, 30 days prior before your wedding date.
Should a quote be requested 6 weeks or under from the event date - Full payment will be required upfront to secure the booking.


Cancellation of the wedding/function date:
Should you need to cancel your booking, you will need to notify us in writing as soon as possible. We are happy to offer to transfer your booking to another date, subject to availability, with a minimum of 40 days’ notice. Cancelations after that time frame ie: 40 days from the date of the wedding, will incur a 30% cancellation fee. Cancellations 2 weeks prior to the wedding date are required to be paid in full by the due date. No monies paid will be refunded.

Postponing the wedding/function date:
Should you need to change the date or postpone the date of the wedding; you will need to inform us in writing. Should the “new” date be available, we will confirm with you in writing. Should the date not be available, you will forfeit your deposit.

Reducing /cancelling items on quote:
Upon accepting the estimate, you are accepting the items and agreeing to the value listed on the estimate. Should you need to reduce or cancel items, we are happy to do so, However, no reductions can be made from 2 weeks prior to wedding. Please also note that the final total may not be reduced by more than 10% of the original agreed upon estimate.

Flower Selection:

Ollander will provide a detailed estimate that outlines the type of flowers that will be used in your wedding flowers. We understand that in most cases you will see flower names you are not familiar with. Please be aware that a lot of web based images are edited and colour altered to make an attractive picture – not all the colours are a true reflection of what Mother Nature creates.
We do not replicate other florist’s work exactly and as we are working with Mother Nature, we are not in control of seasonal changes or availability. Ollander will endeavour to reflect the style, colour and shape as detailed in the estimate and pictures to the best of our ability. It is important that the Client understands that individual flowers, bouquets and arrangements all vary to some degree. Their individuality is what makes them unique for you alone.
All attempts will be made the colours and types of flowers and materials requested. However, please understand that flowers and other floral materials are seasonal and that seasons vary. Sometimes the items requested are not available. Substitutes will be similar (as close as possible) for flowers and floral materials, and if they are significantly different contact will be made with the bride to seek any further instructions.


Ollander reserve the right to make substitution decisions based on the prior conversations and emails with the client, and use our knowledge of the clients overall theme and colour scheme to provide a substitution that maintains the overall look and style the client wishes.
Ollander also reserves the right to substitute a requested flower with another of similar design, colour and equal value, should circumstances beyond our control require so - and also if such products do not meet Ollander's high standards of product quality.

Sample of mock up:
We are happy to provide 1 mock up 1-2 months before your wedding. 

Sizing guidelines:

Where measurements have been provided for bouquet and floral arrangements, this sizing is a guide only. Floral arrangements and bouquets are created using flowers that vary in size and shape throughout their natural season. This can affect the sizing of the products we provide, making bouquets and arrangements slightly smaller or larger. Ollander accepts no responsibility for variations is size.

All bookings are different and typically, will be arranged on a case-by-case basis. As a general guide, deliveries are made prior to the photographer arriving to ensure they are available for “pre-wedding” pictures. You should allow 30 mins either side of the scheduled time for delays that may occur which are out of our control. The delivery details including addresses are confirmed 2 weeks prior to the wedding/function date. It is your responsibility to ensure we have the correct delivery details. In the event that there is no person available to receive the goods, the goods will be left in a safe place and we will contact you to advise where the goods have been left. If there is not safe place to leave the goods, they will be returned to our premises and you will need to arrange pick up of goods. We will decide whether or not it is safe. Should your goods need to be re-delivered, you will be required to pay another delivery fee prior to dispatch.
Approximately 14 days/ 2 weeks prior to your wedding, you will be contacted to confirm your delivery times and location. You will need to provide us with a suitable address, timeframe and contact person and their phone number. Please note that the contact person you provide will be the person we seek at the time of delivery - this person will be responsible for signing documentation on your behalf agreeing that you are happy with the flowers, the style, freshness and all factors obtaining to the items delivered. Should you wish for this to only be you, please advise so. Should someone be appointed as our delivery contact person, they will be acting on your behalf and signing on your behalf.

For delivery of centrepiece to venues:
If we are delivering to a venue, the items will be delivered to the reception area. It is not our staff’s responsibility to find locations/ decorators or Function Managers. 

For full service / set ups:

We will set up and pick up as quoted and outlined to your specific destination if you have requested this in your consultation. Delivery times will need to be confirmed with the venue on the week of the wedding. Should the set up time be outside our standard delivery times then an additional charge will apply. 
We will require full access and appropriate working conditions in order to fulfil our order with you. You will need to inform your venue what you have employed us to do and also the time we require to set up on the day. Should we be denied access, be delayed by the venue or any other supplier on the day, be presented with unsafe or hazardous working conditions, we will completed everything to the best of ability, however, in extreme circumstances, if we cannot complete the job, due to no fault of our own, we will leave the products at the venue. Should other last minute decisions be made due to any unpredicted circumstance, we will advise the venue manager and the issues relating to the decision.

Ollander is not responsible for items once delivery has been completed.


Photos taken by us of your arrangements remain our property. Our photos are not to be reproduced, copied or edited in any way by you or any third party without our prior permission in writing to do so. We are always very grateful for any photos of our florals provided to us and will only use them as permitted by you. Photographers credits will only be displayed when provided. We take no responsibility for your photos being used in any way which is not permitted.

Hired Items:
All hired items, such as vases as outlined in your are the responsibility of the hirer from the point of delivery /pick up to the time the item is returned. Should any items be lost, damaged or stolen it is the responsibility of the hirer to pay for the replacement. The cost will be charged at full retail replacement cost + GST+ freight. Should the wholesale supplier have a minimum order value, then the hirer is responsible for the full cost to ensure the damaged items are replaced. Payment is required within 48 hours of return date.
All hired items are to be returned clean, washed and in the original containers provided.
We require the credit card details of the Hirer as a security. If the hired items are not returned on the outlined date then we will contact the Hirer once (1) in an attempt to have them returned. If the items are not returned within 48 hours from this attempt at contact – the full replacement value will be charged to the credit card provided. Please note that contact can be attempted by either phone or email. Leaving a message or sending a text constitutes as attempted contact.
If the hired items are returned unwashed/dirty – the Hirer will be given 24 hours to rectify and return or be charged a cleaning fee of $5 per vase/ hired item for cleaning. If the items are returned by someone other than the Hirer – and they are returned unclean – the same rules will apply. It is the Hirer’s responsibility to ensure the terms and conditions are adhered to.

Supplying your own items/ vases:
For clients wishing to supply their own ribbons for bouquets, the ribbon is to be delivered to us at least 2 week (14 days) prior to your wedding in a bag or envelope with your name and wedding date clearly marked.
Should you wish to supply your own vases – please ensure they are all clean and have all unwanted stickers and labels removed. Vases are to be delivered to Ollander at least 2 weeks ( 14 days) prior in a box that is clearly marked with your name and wedding date. If vases are dirty, have sticky labels attached etc - Ollander will charge a $2 per vase cleaning fee. Ollander also reserves the right to not use provided items if they do not reflect the high standards held by Ollander.

All your personal details are to be treated as confidential information and will not be disclosed under any circumstances to other parties, without you written authority.

Payment may be made in the form of bank transfer. 
Should you wish to pay by direct deposit, please follow the steps below:
* You will need to provide a deposit reference - Please use the Brides Surname first, then given name - for example:
"SMITH Mary". 

Account Name:
Isobel Ollander
Account Number
Deposit Reference
Deposit Amount
25% of total
* Email a confirmation of your deposit to

Please be aware that deposits received without a deposit reference will be placed in a suspense account and will not be allocated to a client until such time as proof has been received to acknowledge owner of monies.

Final/ full payment is required 30 days prior to event date. Ollander will not guarantee supply of floral materials if payment is received after this date.


Only when final payment has cleared will flowers and/or materials will be ordered.

You agree and acknowledge that “Ollander” is not responsible or accountable for any personal injury or negligence resulting for the use of goods supplied to you, or on behalf of you.
Ollander reserves the right to change these terms and conditions without notice.